23 February 2007

Do you have a red nine?

We're a household with fervent appreciation for a good game.

Maybe it stems from our innate competitive drives, or the need for an indoor diversion on the ninetieth day of winter. Or perhaps it's a simple case of liking each other, liking to be together.

Whatever the cause, I've picked a few of our faves to share with you. Enjoy!

1. A Day at the Zoo play scene by mudpuppy (vinyl-stickering fun!).

2. Life on Earth matching game (memory) by eeBoo.

3. Pass the Buck by Haba (sweet rendition of Old Maid--plus, you get to color freckles on the loser's non-winner's face).

4. Geomag: the original magnetic construction toy.

5. Pictorial Charades by Haba.

6. Fractiles-7.

7. Magnetic Slides and Ladders travel game by eeBoo.

8. Magnetic Baseball travel game by eeBoo (aka "The Game that Never Ends" in our house...but our boys LOVE this one).

9. Storefront Bingo by eeBoo.

10. Twinis Memo (which I'm guessing translates to something like "Twins Memory") by beleduc/HaPe International (gorgeous wooden squares depicting girl/boy twins from a wide spread of cultures).

PS Yes, these are children's games, but I suspect I enjoy them more than the kids do. Give 'em a try. :)

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My Trendy Tykes said...

oooh we love games here! I may have to hunt a couple of these down.