14 December 2006

sweet gifts

This afternoon was cloaked in white chocolate.

Me, I'm not much of a white chocolate fan, but this recipe is sublime.

Melt the chips till they're shiny. We used a crock pot, but you overachievers could always bust out your double boilers.


Mix a bunch of dry snacks/cereals. We picked Rice Chex, Crispix, pretzels, almonds, and Bugles. This task requires a gargantuan bowl*, although you can always use a small bowl eight times.

Pour the melted chocolate over the dry mix and turn carefully until the mix is evenly coated.

*I used to own a large plastic bowl, but one day my husband abducted it for a teen foot-washing service. He got to keep it.

Spread the coated mix in a thin layer on baking sheets to cool. Once hardened, break apart and store in airtight bags/containers, and give them to your friends who will love you forever.

Of course, you could eat it yourself. After all, you've been really, really good this year.

Notes: We used
4 packages (12 oz each) of white chocolate chips (add more if you're fond of white chocolate)
2 large boxes of cereal
2 small boxes of Bugles
12 oz of almonds
2 packages of pretzels


Anonymous said...

White chocolate is also good over popcorn. M-m-m sweet AND salty.

My Trendy Tykes said...

ooooh this looks wonderful!!!!!! Guess I need to add the ingredients to my growing grocery list.